OTA is now open for on-site services

OTA is now offering a hybrid model of on-site and telehealth services. Our telehealth model has been very successful for many clients and we plan to maintain these services for as long as possible in addition to moving into a systematic reopening of on-site services.

OTA will operate and look very different from what we used to as we phase back into operation, but we will be offering the same high-quality services that you have come to expect from us. Throughout the summer, we will be open for on-site services but will be limiting the number of sessions to enforce the 6-foot social distance guidelines laid out by the CDC and the state of Massachusetts.  Our plan will be adapted accordingly based on guidance from officials and feedback from clients and staff.  Please note that scheduling is a dynamic exercise as we endeavor to recreate structured schedules while adapting to ever changing protocols and guidance.

The safety of our staff and clients is our top priority. Below are some of the protocols and procedures OTA has adopted.

  • Outside arrival – our waiting room will remain closed.
  • Temperature checks and hand sanitizing will occur before entering the building
  • Clients will enter through the downstairs doors – no access to elevators or common stairwells
  • Masks will be required by all employees and all clients and/or caregivers at all times when approaching and inside the center
  • Private treatment rooms – Therapists will be allocated one room for the day and children will be treated in that private room which will be cleaned before and after each session
  • Stringent COVID-19 specific cleaning will occur at regular intervals throughout the day

We look forward to welcoming you into the clinic.

Why Choose OTA?

As one of the largest occupational therapy practices in the country, we are privileged to be able to provide services to clients experiencing a wide range of sensory processing difficulties.  As we have grown over the last three decades, our goal has remained unchanged–to provide the highest quality occupational therapy and speech and language therapy services possible.

Please browse our website to find out more about sensory integration, our services, and our research initiative.  We hope you will find it informative.

Our Founder

Jane Koomar, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
1954 – 2013

The late Dr. Koomar co-founded OTA-Watertown in Watertown Square in 1983, and it is now known as OTA The Koomar Center in Newton, Massachusetts.  She served as President ot OTA as well as President of the Board of the Spiral Foundation. She was also a Professor of Practice at Tufts University, Boston School of Occupational Therapy. She completed her PhD in developmental psychology at Boston University where she was also an assistant professor in occupational therapy. In 1984 she studied with Dr. Jean Ayres, who developed the theory of sensory integration. Sadly Dr. Koomar passed away in February of 2013.

Dr. Koomar, an icon in her field, meant so much to so many people, and changed for the better the lives of thousands of children and their families. Many titles come to mind when trying to describe Dr. Koomar: mother, wife, visionary, entrepreneur, scientist, educator, author, mentor, and healer, but what probably describes Dr. Koomar best is not a title, but the sincerity and humanity of her actions. Her gift to see the strength in people by supporting them to be the best they can possibly be, and her selfless capacity to nurture the souls of those she taught, treated, and mentored is immeasurable. Dr. Koomar reached people in ways that no others could.

OTA The Koomar Center stands against racial injustice. 

To live up to OTA’s vision “to create an environment of love, acceptance, and support that enables clients to function at their best”, we are working to educate ourselves about the best ways to use our roles to address systemic racism at the personal, company, and community levels. We hope you maintain your trust in us as we put our values and commitments into sustainable action.

We recognize that we need to do more to listen, learn, empathize and make it safe to talk openly about racial injustice in our work environment.  We are making a long-term commitment to educate ourselves about the issues, create a program of outreach to underserved communities, re-examine our recruitment and hiring practices, and to advocate for greater access to healthcare for people of color.  These action steps will keep us focused on this critical social need.

We know we can do more, and we will.

What our happy clients say

Thank you for your very kind note. In the absence of time, I wanted to send you a quick response to say THANK YOU. You have done an *exceptional* job with Brianna–going above and beyond, thinking outside the box, really getting to know her, and supporting us at every step of the way. You are a very talented person/OT, and we are lucky to have gotten the chance to work with you. Please know how appreciative we are of all that you have done for Brianna.

I think the report does an excellent job — better than I have ever been able to do — of explaining what I experience. It will be a great educational tool for any MD I see in the future. You are really the first person I’ve seen who has been able to really take in and understand what I’m saying in all of this.

Adult Client

Wanted to send a quick update on the past week. It’s hard for us to believe but Ellie has essentially slept through the night every night since last Wednesday. Wonder if we finally hit a turning point! Also she loved your thank you card and upon reading it told me “let’s read it every day” 🙂

Thanks again for changing things around for us. The OTA therapists have changed my child’s life just in the short time we have been there. We are so thankful.

Generally we think Jeff has improved a great deal – Because of you & OTA. Our lives have definitely changed for the better in the 15 months we have been here. He absolutely loves coming here. OTA has been unbelievably AMAZING!!!! We love OTA!!!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work so closely with (OTA consulting OT) over the past two days of our OT seminar! I have learned so much from her observations and feedback. She has also been able to easily identify students who present with sensory needs and has given concrete and constructive suggestions to teachers on how to best support these students in the classroom. Our teachers are reporting that this is an extremely beneficial seminar and that they feel empowered and educated by her consultations.

Latest News and Events

Join Our Dynamic Team at OTA!

Join Our Dynamic Team at OTA!

OTA The Koomar Center is a world leader in sensory processing evaluation and therapy. The late Dr. Jane Koomar, our founder, mentor and well-known therapist, studied under Dr. A. Jean Ayres, the originator of sensory integration theory, assessment, and intervention and had over 30 years’ experience in this area.

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FOCUS for Mealtime Success

FOCUS for Mealtime Success

FOCUS for Mealtime Success is located within OTA The Koomar Center, an internationally recognized center for occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and sensory integration. OTA The Koomar Center has been offering mealtime evaluation and treatment services for more than 30 years and is a national leader in providing experienced, collaborative, cutting-edge occupational therapy assessment

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Join us for Martial Arts starting in January

Join us for Martial Arts starting in January

The martial arts program has increased support and smaller class sizes for kids ages 6-12 who have sensory processing or other challenges. Parents fill out an intake form so that we get more information about the child in order to place him or her in the class that best suits the child’s needs. Winter cycle runs from the week of Jan 21-March 25. Spring cycle runs from the week of April 22-June 24. Private lessons are very limited and are available at an increased...

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