OTA The Koomar Center and the Spiral Foundation are committed to providing education and training to therapists working within the field of SPD as well as related fields. Please check these pages regularly for upcoming trainings and events.

Intensive Trainings

Specialized intensive experiences focusing on specific populations and intervention strategies are be offered throughout the year.

Sensory Integration Intensive: This unique five-day mentorship intensive is limited to eight therapists who wish to develop further expertise in sensory integrative observational assessment and intervention.

Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: This course will emphasize intervention strategies to maximize sensory integration treatment for children on the autism spectrum.

Intervention for Children with Trauma and Attachment Disorders: This course will present intervention strategies to meet the unique needs of children who have trauma histories or attachment problems.

Refining Praxis Intervention for Children with SPD: This advanced course will assist therapists in the clinical reasoning and implementation and intervention strategies for praxis deficits. For this intensive, it is strongly recommended that therapists take the course “Clinical Assessment and Practical Interventions for Praxis.”

Please visit the Spiral Website for upcoming courses.


Consultations are available with our specialty coordinators including:

Professional consultations for challenging clients:

OTA offers consultation to occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and other professionals working with challenging clients. A senior therapist or director will review videotapes and reports and then set up a consult over the telephone or Skype to offer insight into potential sensory integration challenges and offer recommendations for intervention. These services are billed at an hourly rate.

To set up a consultation please email our executive assistant at admin@otathekoomarcenter.com

Professional Packages and other Resources

Package A: Intake Package

OT/PT Intake Form
Speech and Language Intake Form
Listening Intervention Intake Form
Visual Vestibular Intake Form
Oral Motor Intake Form
Bike Riding Intake Form
Getting it Write Intake Form

Package B: Checklists for Different Ages

How Do I Know? (Infant, Toddler, Preschool, School-Age, Adult, Generic)
Teacher’s Checklist (Infant, Toddler, Preschool Child, School-Age Child)

Package C: Developmental/Sensory Histories for Different Ages

Developmental/Sensory History (Early Childhood, School-Age, Adolescent, Adult)
Evaluation Completion Form
Interpretation Worksheet

Package D: Sensory Integration Treatment Equipment Manual

Contains general guidelines for construction of equipment for sensory integration treatment.

Professional Packages are available are available from The Spiral Foundation.
Please see The Spiral Foundation for ordering information.

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