We provide services for children, adolescents, and adults experiencing any type of communication disorder.  A communication disorder is defined as:  any impairment in the ability to understand or use verbal, nonverbal and/or written language systems.  It may be evident in the processes of hearing, language, and/or speech and may range in severity from mild to profound. We can advise and teach, especially where communication has broken down as a result of an injury. Communication disorders may be developmental in nature or acquired due to illness or injury.

These may be related to:

  • Speech disorders including articulation, voice, and fluency

  • Expressive, Receptive and Pragmatic Language Disorders

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Developmental Delays

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Congenital and Chromosomal Anomalies

  • Oral Motor Deficits including Repaired Cleft Lip/Palate

  • Executive Functioning Difficulties

  • Feeding and Swallowing Problems

Our Speech and Language clinicians have the unique opportunity to work in a sensory-based environment and in collaboration with a client’s occupational therapy treatment plan as indicated.  We are designed for individualized, play-based therapy and are often able to facilitate peer interactions for the establishment and carryover of skills.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

“The progress that Ryan has made over the past year and a half has been amazing! The fact that he looks forward to his weekly appointments and the next new learning “game” you may introduce makes me, as a parent, thrilled. I have and will continue to recommend services at OTA!”

“Speech and Language at OTA has made a profound impact on our son.  The creativity, resourcefulness, and professionalism of our therapist is consistent and impactful.  We trust our therapist, and our son feels comfortable and safe in the OTA setting.  The center is bright, clean, fun, well maintained, and changes enough that it feels fresh each week.  The materials and lesson plans provided by our therapist relate specifically to the challenges our son faces and she tackles each with care and thoughtfulness… His growth as a result of this dedication is meaningful.  We are amazed by the progress each month, quarter, and year.  Small steps lead to significant results.”

“We’ve been delighted with your services. Ethan was a reluctant participant elsewhere “

“People are often surprised that my son receives speech therapy.  Friends exclaim, “But he talks just fine!”  I think many people have a limited understanding of what speech therapy can look like.  At OTA the therapists worked with my son to help him better navigate social situations especially with peers.  They provide strategies to manage frustration, improve executive functioning, and encourage him to be a more flexible person (less rigid in his thinking). I have also enjoyed the ongoing support from his therapists.  We have ongoing dialogue regarding his progress and challenges.  We’ve really enjoyed our time at OTA and highly recommend them to friends.”

“Jackson loves coming to OTA for speech and it has never felt like work for him. What a great way to get help in such a fun and supportive environment. I think one of the best examples was when I corrected Jackson with the “he/she” mix up and he said “Oh, I forgot Emily always tells me that!”

What sets OTA apart making us a Family Favorite?

At OTA, our Center has several learning environments that allow us to meet the individual needs of our clients. This range of settings allows flexible, fluid movement between rooms throughout a session so that clients can practice skills within multiple environments. This helps to generalize learned skills to everyday environments they encounter at home and in the community. We embed communication skills and language goals within a naturalistic social environment.

Some of our settings include:

  • Small table top rooms (where kids can learn new skills in a 1:1 environment with limited distractions)
  • Small and large motor-gym spaces (where kids can participate in motivating and kid-friendly gross motor activities)
  • Kitchen (where kids can engage in mealtime activities such as sequencing food preparation, and also can improve their feeding and oral motor skills)
  • Exploration station (where kids can engage in fine-motor activities such as drawing, arts and crafts, etc.)

We also encourage personalized parent involvement in the sessions. We empower parents to carry over skills learned here at OTA to outside environments. This parent involvement is individualized and can include the following:

  • Direct involvement in the therapy sessions
  • Two-way mirror observations
  • Watching a session from inside the therapy room
  • Debriefing after a session

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