In addition to our regular weekly intervention model, OTA The Koomar Center offers a variety of intensive, specialized intervention services to maximize the functioning of our clients.  Specialized intensive interventions may be recommended as a means of addressing a specific problem area, jump starting a longer-term treatment program, or maximizing intervention for clients who may travel to OTA for services or who have a limited time frame for intervention services.  These intensives may be discussed with the intake coordinator when inquiring about The Koomar Center services, with the client’s evaluating therapist following an initial assessment, or with the client’s treating therapist.

Philosophy of Intensive Intervention Models

Although most clients receive direct sensory integration-based occupational therapy services on a once or twice-weekly basis, at times it may be most beneficial for an individual to receive a greater frequency of services to maximize therapeutic gains.

Sensory Integration Intensives

Some individuals may find a short term of intensive intervention that focuses on sensory integration most beneficial. This intensive typically involves hourly treatment sessions for 4-5 days per week for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. This intensive may be recommended for adults and/or adolescents who are initiating services, for children with significant sensory integration problems who would benefit from a period of intensive sensory input to either initiate longer-term services, or to jump start progress when therapeutic progression has plateaued for a period of time.

Visual-Vestibular Intensives

Visual-Vestibular intensives are designed to maximize functioning in individuals who demonstrate specific difficulties with processing and integrating visual, vestibular and proprioceptive sensory information. This intensive typically involves hourly treatment sessions for 4-5 days per week for a period of 3-5 weeks.  During this time, sensory integration treatment activities focus on providing intense movement experiences as well as specific development of oculomotor control and integration of functional vision and movement.  This program typically also involves a home program component which should be completed in addition to the in-clinic services.  The Astronaut Training Program is an integral part of this intensive, and rental or purchase of the Astronaut Board and other specialized equipment needed for home activities may be required. Following this intensive the therapist may recommend further home programming including but not limited to continued Astronaut Training, Bal-A-Viz-X activities, and/or the Learning Breakthrough program.  Many clients also find an evaluation and possible intervention by a behavioral optometrist to be useful following this program. See Visual-Vestibular Coordination.

Clinic-Based Listening Program Intensives

Clinic-based listening program intensives are designed to maximize functioning in individuals who demonstrate specific difficulties with processing and integrating auditory information.  Many of these individuals also have difficulty processing and integrating visual and vestibular sensory information. The ILS (Integrated Listening System) Clinic Program is the primary program that used at OTA .This listening program is individualized for each participant and developed and monitored by an ILS-certified therapist, and participation requires the completion of an initial Listening Test.  At OTA, listening services are integrated into traditional sensory integration-based occupational therapy services.  The auditory sensory inputs provided by the listening program enhance not only specific auditory sensory processing difficulties but also facilitate vestibular functioning.  Providing these auditory inputs in conjunction with traditional sensory integration intervention activities promotes maximal integration of these sensory inputs versus provision of listening activities in isolation.  This intensive typically involves a period of approximately 12-13 weeks with services provided 3 times per week.  Sessions are 90 minutes long with direct one-on-one therapy occurring for approximately 60 minutes and independent listening for another 30 minutes.  Independent listening may occur before or after the treatment session depending on scheduling. In addition to regular treatment sessions, the listening intensive requires that some sessions be used to complete a Listening Test. This assessment monitors a client’s progress before, during and after a listening program.  A therapist trained in the listening program will further explain the details of this intensive. For additional information on our listening programs, please see our Listening Programs handout.

International or Long-Distance Client Intensives

Many families and individuals find that appropriate sensory integrative-based occupational therapy services are not available to them locally, thus necessitating that they travel a considerable distance to a facility such as OTA to obtain high-quality services.  Currently, The Koomar Center provides services to families and individuals from all over the country and also to families residing in foreign countries such as Turkey, Puerto Rico, and India. These intensives for long-distance clients are highly individualized. Upon intake, the individual’s needs are determined and a therapeutic team is created to meet the individual’s needs while he/she receives services at OTA. The duration of a long-distance intensive is determined by the therapeutic team prior to initiating treatment. An intensive typically involves a two- to four-week period which may be extended. Direct services may be provided from two to four hours per day depending on the individual’s needs and the services required. OTA offers occupational and speech therapy evaluation and intervention services as well as additional sessions in specialty areas and specialized consultations (see below) which can be added as desired. The Koomar Center also collaborates with other professionals to enhance the treatment intensive and makes referrals to professionals in other areas such as chiropractic, nutrition, etc., as needed.  Additional specialized OTA services may include:

  • Designing an effective sensory diet for home and or school to enhance overall functional performance
  • Consultation with current case workers at home
  • Visual Vestibular (Inner ear balance system) Intervention
  • Nutrition/Oral Motor Intervention
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Listening Consultation/Therapy (Therapeutic Listening and The Listening Program)
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Bike Riding Training

For additional information, please see International Intensives.


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